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Most practitioners in all medical fields see the site of pain as the problem. We at Pacific Sport & Spine see the site of pain as the victim and what you really need is to find out where the “criminal” is. Pain is not the problem, it is a signal that something is wrong. 

See: “Is low back pain really a problem with the low back?” in our blog for an example.

Pacific Sport & Spine isn’t your average chiropractic clinic. We don’t put people on endless treatment plans that costs thousands of dollars. We strive to combine the highest quality of care and experience for our patients, from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you go on with the rest of your day.

If we can get you to move better, you will feel better. And that doesn’t require you to come in three times per week for the rest of your life. 


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Pacific Sport & Spine was founded by Dr. Ryan DeBell with the goal of providing top of the line conservative care for common neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Dr. DeBell set out to make Pacific Sport & Spine a healthcare clinic that provides the best patient care with the best patient experience. He has taken all his less than desirable experiences and frustrations with other clinics throughout his life and turned them into positive features of Pacific Sport & Spine. You can find out what some of those are on the “about” page.



Chiropractic is commonly thought of as the “chiropractic adjustment”. We use the chiropractic adjustment for two things: normalize movement patterns and reduce pain.



Massage therapy is an amazing way to reduce stress, improve tissue health, and RELAX! This is a wonderful way to take a little time for yourself.


Manual Therapy

This is hands on treatment by a chiropractor. We do more than just "pop joints." This includes IASTM, ART, and cupping.


Sports Rehab

We us a combination of kettlebell training, weightlifting, and primal movements to improve your strength and quality of movement.


While other chiropractors want to see you endlessly, we want to see you less and teach you how to take care of your own body. Medical doctors commonly prescribe pain medications that mask symptoms, we want to unravel the dysfunctions in your body to treat the cause of your problems. At Pacific Sport & Spine, our goal is to get you better as fast as possible and empower you to do so. We enjoy seeing our clients live healthy and pain free lives. 


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